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Global Exchange awarded foreign exchange concession at Antalya International Airport in Turkey

19 • 12 • 2017

  • The company will open four branches in the second busiest airport in Turkey with over 18.9 million passengers.
  • The company will be the travel money services provider for the next 7 years.

Salamanca, 19th December 2017. Global Exchange, multinational company specialised in foreign exchange services at international airports and other tourist locations, has been awarded the foreign exchange concession at Antalya International Airport, located in the Mediterranean Coast of South East Turkey, where the company will open new branches in the next days.

Global Exchange ends 2017 with an important concession in Turkey that is a landmark in its expansion plans, as it is a strategic location amongst Europe and Asia. The Salamanca-based company will offer foreign exchange services during the next seven years, the concession period, in the second busiest airport in Turkey in terms of international passengers. Specifically, in 2016 Antalya International Airport received a total of 18,9 million passengers, out of which 11.7 million were international. This concession entitles to run four branches, where the company will invest 1 million euros.

According to Global Exchange President, Isidoro J. Alanís, “we’re in constant growth to provide services to travellers from all over the world. The new opening of branches in Turkey consolidates our expansion strategy in Europe and Asia, as it is an important transportation hub between the two continents”.

The four branches to be set up at the airport will be located at international arrivals. In the following days, two branches located in Terminal 2 will be opened, and during the first semester of 2018, other two in Terminal 1. This opening will result in 55 new jobs, where our skilled staff will have the best facilities and technologies to provide the best foreign exchange services to the millions of passengers visiting Antalya International Airport.

A giant step for the Spanish multinational

During its national and international expansion, Global Exchange gained leading positions in the Ibero-American market. However, over the last years the company has steered its expansion strategy in a new direction with the opening of branches in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. In 2016, the company took a decisive step in entering the Asia-Pacific region, winning the foreign exchange concession in Sydney International Airport. The fact that Global Exchange was awarded the foreign exchange concession in Hong Kong International Airport is, without doubt, an important advance in strengthening its positions in the region. With this latest concession in Turkey, Global Exchange is present in 21 countries of five continents.

About Global Exchange

Global Exchange is the first multinational Spanish company and third leading company in the world providing currency exchange services to travellers at international airports and other major tourist destinations. Founded in 1996 in Fuentes de Oñoro, a small town in Salamanca (Spain), Global Exchange is present in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay.


The company will serve around 5.5 million Customers in 2017 and employs over 2,000 workers, 400 of whom are based in Spain.

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