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Global Exchange launches its multi-currency prepaid card

15 • 04 • 2015

  • It can be loaded with up to 5 currencies and allows purchasing and withdrawing money in any other currency, with prices below the average of the market.
  • Whether you are travelling for pleasure, business or studies, do it completely relaxed, with a total control over your budget at all times.
  • It is not associated to bank accounts and be loaded instantly from any device with Internet connection.
  • Security is ensured by a chip and a PIN code, and in case of loss, it can be blocked by SMS.

Salamanca, 22nd April 2015.- Global Exchange, one of the three leading companies worldwide specialised in currency exchange services at international airports and other tourist hotspots has launched MasterCard Prepaid GlobalCard, with balance in five currencies.  This product, the first one in Spain, allows tourists, companies or students travelling abroad keeping their money safe, without worrying about where to get their travel money.

This product is a collaboration between Spain-based multinational and MasterCard. It works quite like any bank card, but with less costs associated and a wider range of services.

GlobalCard can be reloaded in five different currencies: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros and Swiss Francs, paying in one currency or another depending on the needs. The main advantage is that you can travel to your destination with your travel money already in the card, so you can pay and/or withdraw cash in 34 million shops and 2.1 million MasterCard ATMs around the globe.

This card is chip and PIN protected, which ensures security, and in case of loss or theft, it can blocked instantly just by sending an SMS. Moreover, GlobalCard is not linked to bank accounts and can be loaded from any device connected to the Internet, as the Customer has an online account to check card balance, and movements and to load funds. The money is available immediately, so anyone, from anywhere in the world, can use it instantly, ensuring that all cash needs in a trip are covered.

This product is very useful for companies with employees travelling abroad, as the company can check the money spent at all times. Also, it is very convenient for students travelling abroad, as they can get their money with them safely and easily, while their parents can check their expenses and reload if necessary.

Global Exchange President, Isidoro J. Alanís declared that GlobalCard “reinforces the engagement of Global Exchange to the Customer, by offering a unique service which covers all their needs with top guarantees and comfort”.  “This prepaid card also reflects the investment of the company in innovation in its sector”, Alanís explained.

“Prepaid cards are an excellent solution to pay in terms of transparency, efficiency and control -this method of payment allows to know instantly when, to whom and for how much a transaction is made-. And all of this is backed up by the global presence of the MasterCard brand”, as Ovidio Egido, MasterCard General Manager for Spain, highlighted.

Cards can be purchased at the Global Exchange branch network in Spain, where they can be loaded as well, or throught the website http://www.tarjetaglobalcard.com/.

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