Our Core Values

Our Customers, our people, the law and continuous growth lead our daily actions.

Our raison d’être is to be present where Customers may need foreign exchange services, satisfying their demands with kindness and efficiency, and ensuring full compliance with the legislation and professional ethics.

For this, the Global Exchange Group is founded on a set of strong values that serve as guidelines in our daily work since the early beginning of the Company. We bear in mind these principles in all actions we carry out. Our board of directors supervises the fulfilment of these core values.


At the Global Exchange Group, we specialise in offering currency exchange services for tourist through our trademarks Global Exchange and Globo Cambio. We always respect ethics, legality and transparency in all our activities.

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Our working team is our most valuable resource at the Global Exchange Group, with a constant concern to encourage professional development, training and participation through our career plans.

We have an efficient organizational structure based on operability, participation and teamwork, with a culture where the quality and transparency of all proceedings and knowledge management are a must.

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At the Global Exchange Group we work to achieve a quality that is noticeable from outside and reflected in all the activities of our company. We seek our Customers’ full satisfaction at all times, investing all necessary resources to achieve it.

In our branches and online we offer our Customers a service that surpasses all their expectations. An efficient, quick and kind service. The Customer is not just a part of our business but the business itself, our raison d’être.



Ever since it started operating in 1996, the Global Exchange Group has developed an ambitious and constant growth strategy that has led us to successfully engage and achieve projects at a national and international level.

Our growth encompasses not just our business but our organization itself, which has been adding up human and technological resources throughout the years.



Our business project requires our full commitment to achieve the highest levels of technological advance and development. In Global Exchange we develop our own software applications in-house, specifically designing them for the management of our exchange business and adapting them to serve our project of continuous improvement.

Our adaptability in areas such as management, control, communication and information, optimizes our relationships between our parent company and our subsidiaries throughout the world.


Our corporate image shows a modern design that reflects our global style in attractive colours and the best materials. It truly reflects what we are: a serious, modern and professional company with an international vocation, a company that attaches the greatest importance to the quality of its service and its human relations.

Our daily duties, each of our branches, our web page and our Headquarters, all reflect this impeccable image which conveys in our Customers a sense of the quality and excellence of our service.

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At the Global Exchange Group our constant strive for innovation brings us to anticipate the markets in our exchange services as well as in developing new business opportunities. Our constant improvement guarantees our competitiveness, enabling us to adapt to the needs and demands of our Customers in the specificity of the various environments in which we operate.