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6 life hacks to exchange your currency if you are travelling this Easter

17 • 03 • 2016

Salamanca, 17 March 2016.- Easter is coming and, just like every other year, airports start getting packed with people travelling to other countries for some well-deserved holidays. At this time of year, it is when people start increasingly asking about the options available for carrying their travel money in the legal tender of their chosen holiday destination. Since there is not just one kind of traveller, there is not a single formula.  Besides, they all complement one another:

1. Do you usually plan ahead and want to exchange your currency beforehand but cannot find the time to do so? 

If you want to have your currency ready for your trip right next to your suitcase, you have several options to purchase money in advance, avoiding empty walking and unnecessary queuing, and benefitting from more advantageous rates.

Global Exchange brings you the possibility of placing your order online through a fast and simple process –choosing from a range of over 70 different currencies–, and have it delivered at your door or in a Correos branch of your choice within 48 to 72 hours.

If you book your trip with a travel agency, you should know that the Salamanca-based Multinational offers this service in 70% of Spanish agencies, so do not forget to ask about it when organising your trip.

If you are a Customer of ING Direct you can also purchase your money with home delivery service from your “Personal Area”, and benefit from these special conditions just for the sake of being a Customer of the bank.

2. Are you looking for an alternative? You can exchange your money at the airport

Another practical option is exchanging your currency at any of our airport branches in Spain, which are open 24/7 all year round, and have your travel money ready for use right away.

Global Exchange has 29 exchange branches dotted around different international airports in Spain (Madrid – Barajas T123 and T4, Barcelona-El Prat T1 and T2, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca or Tenerife Sur). Besides, if you want to speed up the process at the airport and save some time, you can order your currency online and collect it at the airport on the day of your trip and at the branch of your choice, using our fast track counter. Additionally, in doing so, you will get preferential rates as opposed to exchanging it directly at our branches without having placed an order beforehand.

You can also use our services upon arriving to your destination, for we are present in 48 airports in 18 countries in 4 continents.

3. You don’t want to carry cash? Don’t worry about it!

If you rather carry your travel money in plastic, we have the perfect solution for you: a multi-currency prepaid card that will allow you to travel safely, without cash in your pocket or having to worry about exchanging your currency when switching countries. It works pretty much as a credit/debit card but without it being associated to your bank account.

Global Exchange has a prepaid card called GlobalCard were you can have up to five different currencies, as well as make purchases and withdraw money in any other currency in the world.

It is not associated to your bank account and it is very similar to a regular bank card, but with less underlying expenses.

It can be topped up using any device that can be connected to the internet, just by accessing your «Personal Area», where you can also check your balance and movements. The money will be available right away, so anyone, anywhere in the world, can use the card balance instantly, covering any need of cash that may arise during the trip.

On top of that, if it gets lost or stolen, you can easily lock it via SMS. The card can be purchased at our branches in Spain, where it can also be loaded, or at this website http://www.tarjetaglobalcard.com/.

4. What if I choose to go cash and I get mugged? Better safe than sorry

When travelling we expose ourselves to a series of unexpected events that, if they were to happen, they could potentially ruin our plans. For this reason, it is best to protect your money from all potential hazards with a theft insurance.

Global Exchange gives their Customers a cash theft insurance, covering for the amount exchanged at our branches, provided that they submit the corresponding police report in the destination country.

5. What do I do with my leftover currency?

We have all been through this: we plan our trip and purchase certain amount of money in the legal tender of our holiday destination, and then come back home and realise we have more than we initially needed.

One of the upgrades implemented by Global Exchange is our buyback policy, by means of which, in the event that Customers have some unspent currency, we will buy back part of the total amount initially purchased within the next 50 days and at the same rate as the original transaction.

6. How much money do I take with me? Work it out before flying out

We cannot say how much money you should carry, but we can help you calculate the daily exchange rate of 70 different currencies against the euro. The currency converter of Global Exchange will display the real exchange rate for private individuals (most online converters will show you the reference rate imposed by the Central Bank for said currency, but that does not correspond with its market value, since it does not include the handling expenses and margin fees, among others).

Our recommendation is that it is always better to take money to spare than running short on it and having to use time from your holidays to find a place to exchange some more. Besides, it is always a better deal to exchange all your travel money at once than in small amounts, because this way you will end up paying more commissions.

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