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Global Exchange to open 8 currency exchange branches at Rio de Janeiro airport in May

25 • 04 • 2016

  • EUR 6 million investment in this new opening.
  • The company has already has a branch next to the Christ of the Redeemer in Rio and is present at the airports of Belo Horizonte, Natal and Brasilia.


Salamanca, 20 April 2016 – Global Exchange, one of the three leading companies worldwide specialised in providing travel money services at international airports and other major tourist destinations, has been the successful bidder for the opening of eight foreign exchange branches at Tom Jobim I.A. (Rio de Janeiro), the second most important airport in Brazil. These new branches now join the one based next to the Christ of the Redeemer, which opened last January.
The multinational company, headquartered in Salamanca, has been selected to render its currency exchange services in one of the most popular tourist hubs in Latin America. The airport of Rio de Janeiro is expected to experience an increase in its number of passengers in 2016 and the coming years. In 2015, almost 17 million tourists passed through its gates, four million of which were international passengers.

Rio de Janeiro already had a Global Exchange branch in a unique location: the Christ of the Redeemer, considered one of the Seven wonders of the modern world. The branch opened to the public in January this year, in the area surrounding the boarding gates of the train that connects the city centre with this iconic monument for Rio de Janeiro, and Brazil in general.

The opening of these eight branches, estimated for the end of May 2016, represents an investment of over 6 million Euros and will create 80 jobs for the locals, who will join the 70-member team already working at the Brazilian Subsidiary of the Group.

“With this concession, we are going to strengthen our leadership in the region and, specifically, our position in Brazil, where we already have 18 branches based in the airports of Bello Horizonte, Brasilia, Natal, and now Rio”, declares the CEO of Global Exchange, Isidoro J. Alanís. “We embrace with enthusiasm the challenge of rendering currency exchange services in the second leading airport in the country, for which we have high expectations of growth, being the city host of the most important sports event in the world this summer”, Alanís states.

Global Exchange is the number one company providing currency exchange services in the airports of Latin America and the Caribbean, with presence in Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. Besides, the company has branches in Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco and Jordan.

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