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  • Global Exchange gathers its 50 international directors in Salamanca
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Global Exchange gathers its 50 international directors in Salamanca

08 • 03 • 2018

  • Global Exchange gathers its 50 international directors in its Salamanca headquarters.
  • Technological innovation, expansion and excellence in customer service will continue to be the fundamental pillars for the coming year.
  • Adolfo Ramírez Morales, Digital Business Transformation Expert, was the invited speaker at a moving closing event.

Salamanca, 6th March 2018. Global Exchange, the multinational company from Salamanca, gathered its 50 most relevant directors at the Palacio de San Esteban in Salamanca to discuss the challenges that the company will face during the coming years.

The conference was led by the President and CEO of the Global Exchange Group, Isidoro Alanís, as well as by the Business Development Director, Ángel de León. In this event, attended by directors who travelled from the five continents to Salamanca, they have continued to work on the values that define the Company’s philosophy and that made it trustworthy for the most important airport managers on the international stage. Those values are Innovation, International Expansion and Excellence in Customer Service.

The conference was closed with an interesting speech delivered by Adolfo Ramírez Morales, Digital Business Transformation Expert, who previously developed his professional career as Deputy Director General of Banco Santander Spain.

About Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a leading Spanish multinational and one of the top three worldwide specialised in the provision of currency exchange services at international airports and other major tourist destinations. This company, founded in 1996 in Fuentes de Oñoro (a little village of the Spanish province of Salamanca), currently has a network of more than 250 branches at 55 international airports over the five continents. With a presence in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Jamaica, Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong and Turkey, this company ended the year 2017 with 5.5 million Customers and over 2000 employees.

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