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Global Exchange launches 41 branches at the new Istanbul airport

06 • 06 • 2019

  • The modern airport facilities have led to the hiring of 350 people
  • With this expansion, Turkey becomes the largest subsidiary of the Group

Salamanca, 22 November 2018.- Global Exchange, the Spanish multinational specialised in the provision of currency exchange services at international airports and other major tourist destinations, launches 41 branches at the new Istanbul International Airport.

Last 6 April, the new Istanbul International Airport took over from the ancient Ataturk Airport. The transfer of powers from one to the other was carried out in record time and in an exemplary manner, thanks to the superb planning of the country’s airport authorities. The presence of Global Exchange in the new Istanbul International Airport as the concessionaire of the currency exchange service has been a real milestone for the company, not only because of the magnitude of the project, let us not forget that we are talking about the fifth airport in Europe in passenger traffic with a built area of 1.4 million m2 and capacity to accommodate up to 100 million passengers, but also because this concession has led to a reconfiguration of the company, since Turkey will become the largest subsidiary of the entire Global Exchange Group.

To carry out the opening of 41 exchange offices at the new Istanbul International Airport, Global Exchange has had to organize the hiring of a team of more than 350 new workers in the country. In addition to the effort made by the Human Resources Team of the Salamanca – Spain Corporate Headquarters, which travelled to the country to carry out interviews and hiring, the new opening meant moving around 60 people from different subsidiaries of the Group to provide support in such important aspects of the opening as the implementation of technological systems (Technology Department of the Salamanca – Spain Corporate Headquarters), the training of the new customer service team (Operations Training Department – Spain) and the stay of a team of tutors to ensure the correct functioning of the exchange transactions from the first moment (Operations Team from Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Hong Kong and Jordan).

One of the successes of the Company’s expansion has been the method of replicating corporate procedures in the new subsidiaries that are incorporated into the Group from the outset. This strategy consists of standardizing all operational processes so that regardless of the country where any of our customer service representatives are located, the exchange transaction is carried out in the same way.

For any new opening, Global Exchange creates a working team to coordinate the implementation of six fundamental axes: implementation (novel designs of the image and construction of the physical elements of the offices), human resources (interviews and hiring of the new team), technology (implementation of the systems and new equipment), legal (legal issues such as licenses and contracts), finance and operations (training and mentoring of the new customer service representatives). This team moves from the Corporate Headquarters and maintains its presence in the country until the new team’s operational function is carried out normally. Fully aware that the most important thing for tourists arriving at any destination is to be wrapped in the essence of the country, all the teams of our subsidiaries are formed by local staff, always with a clear vocation of service and attention to the public, people who can help customers not only in the currency exchange but also with any information that may be useful to them.

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