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Global Exchange opens 21 branches at Australia’s busiest airport

19 • 10 • 2016

  • Global Exchange awarded with foreign exchange concession at the international terminal of Sydney Airport.
  • Every year around 40 million passengers pass through this airport, a major hub for Australia and the Asia-Pacific.
  • The company bolsters global reach with presence across five continents.

Salamanca, 18th October 2016.- Global Exchange, a multinational specialised in currency exchange services at international airports and other tourist sites, has started operations at Sydney International Airport, the busiest airport in Australia and the gateway to the continent, with 40 million passengers passing through every year, out of which 14 million are international.

According to CEO and President Isidoro J. Alanís “being awarded the whole lot of foreign exchange branches at Sydney International Airport has been the greatest success of Global Exchange in 2016. Equipped with 21 stores, Sydney is the airport with most branches at the company. We invested 3.3 million euros in the Australian project and expect a 30% rise on the group turnover. This concession shows the trust that one of the busiest airports worldwide put on the services of Global Exchange, which will surprise Customers with new services and technology support, delivering a new concept of foreign exchange for the 21st century”. Alanís said.

Sydney Airport chief executive Kerrie Mather said that the holistic approach and variety of innovative services offered by Global Exchange have earned it to be the successful candidate in the foreign exchange concession, after taking part in the international tender launched by Sydney Airport.

Global Exchange employs 150 staff in this freshly created subsidiary, out of which 80% is bilingual and 40% speaking a third language, with the purpose of offering an outstanding service to all Customers. In addition to a variety of 64 currencies, Global Exchange offers to passengers of T1 in Sydney Airport further financial and travel related services such as travel insurance, prepaid money cards, and a multi-channel platform to order currency, among others.

“We know that Customers want to be served quickly and efficiently”, Alanís points out. That is why the international terminal of Sydney Airport has 21 Global Exchange branches located in strategic positions of the airport facilities, in order to offer Customers a quick service, reducing waiting times as much as possible.

A giant step for the Spanish multinational

During 2016, the Spanish multinational has opened a total of 45 branches at main international airports of very different countries such as Russia, Denmark, Brazil or Colombia. The recent opening at Sydney Airport means to be closer to the Asia-Pacific region as the Spanish multinational consolidates as one of the three leading currency exchange services companies worldwide, having presence at major international airports worldwide. This transaction will result in a 30% increase by the Global Exchange business turnover.

Global Exchange broadens its international reach, which debuted back in 2000. Today Global Exchange is present in 20 countries of five continents with a network of 220 branches at 54 international airports and main tourist sites.

About us

Global Exchange is the third leading company in the world providing currency exchange services to travellers at international airports and other major tourist destinations. Founded in 1996 in Fuentes de Oñoro (Salamanca), Global Exchange is present in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago and Uruguay, through a branch network of 220 branches in 54 international airports of five continents. The company serves around 4.8 million Customers annually and employs over 1,850 workers, 400 of which are based in Spain.

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