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Global Exchange opens branches at two new airports in Colombia

26 • 11 • 2016

  • The company operates a 10-branch network at major airports and cities of Colombia.
  • Global Exchange is the leading foreign exchange company in Latin America.

Salamanca, 29 November 2016.- Global Exchange, the multinational company specialising in currency exchange services at international airports and other major tourist sites, keeps investing in Colombia by opening three new branches at Olaya Herrera International Airport in Medellín and Ernesto Costissoz in Barranquilla.

Global Exchange opens two new branches at Ernesto Costissoz airport, one of the busiest ones in the country. This air hub is in a strategic point between North and South America and in a popular location of the country—Barranquilla. These two new branches, located at arrivals and departures, will service the 3 million passengers that go through the airport every year.

In addition to this, the Spain-based multinational has started operations at Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín, the second busiest airport of Colombia. This new branch will cater for 1.1 million passengers. Global Exchange had already operations in the other airport of the city—José María Córdoba, so is present now at the two airports of Medellín.

In these two locations Global Exchange will provide its exchange services in a wide range of foreign currencies and during long opening hours, as it already does in many other countries in Latin America.

Global Exchange is present in Colombia since 2015 and coming on the back of the recent openings, has a 65 staff and a network of 10 branches throughout major tourist sites of the country: 7 at the 5 major airports of Colombia and 3 in important cities such as Cartagena de Indias and Bogotá.

Global Exchange strengthens its position in the Latin American market, where is the number one company in currency exchange services with branches in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. At a global level, it is one of the three leading companies operating at airports, having 228 branches in 55 international airports of 5 continents following its latest openings in Russia, Copenhagen and Sydney.

About Global Exchange

Global Exchange is the leading Spanish multinational and one of the top three worldwide specialised in the provision of currency exchange services at international airports and other major tourist destinations. Founded in 1996 in Fuentes de Oñoro (Salamanca), Global Exchange is present in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Russia and Australia through a branch network of 228 branches in 55 international airports in five continents. The company serves around 5 million Customers annually and employs 1,880 workers, out of which 400 are in Spain.

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