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Tourism growth boosts recovery of foreign exchange companies

16 • 09 • 2022

The prestigious magazine Forbes interviewed Isidoro J. Alanís, president of the Global Exchange Group, where he explains the good results that the company is obtaining after the COVID-19 pandemic and from which they have emerged very strong. The clearer proof are the positive results obtained at the beginning of the second half of 2021.
Alanís said that ‘We are the second largest company worldwide in the foreign exchange sector, and very soon we will be the first in terms of airport and tourist targeting. Our clients are tourists who travel internationally’.


Alanís believes that recovering the 2019 data in tourism activity will remain constant, at least in the next two years, because people are eager to travel and to enjoy the time they lost when they were unable to do so. ‘In the tourism sector, everything will be this way: once the situation is over, the recovery will be with very large growth. For us, this summer is going to be a record year‘, he says.


As a defender of cash, Alanís detracts from cryptos on the grounds that they do not operate under a legal framework from his point of view. However, he says he is aware of the reality that new payment methods are coming onto the market, and that they will balance cash and coexist seamlessly.


For Global Exchange, Latin America and the Caribbean offer great opportunities because the Group believes that there will be a significant increase in tourism over the next 10 years. ‘We have to bet on the continent. there are going to be great opportunities in the coming years’.

You can read the complete article published in Forbes in Spanish.

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