If you live in a non-EU country and you have bought different products while traveling in Spain, Global Exchange will refund your European paid taxes in cash before coming back home, in the airport.

Service conditions are the following:

  1. Ask for the Tax Free documents in every single establishment where you purchase any item. These prove that you are the beneficiary of the tax refund.
  2. When you arrive to the airport, the first and essential action is to present your Tax Free documentation in:- The DIVA machines (for digital validation if purchases have been made in Spain)- The customs service (for stamps if purchases have been made in other EU countries)
  3. Once validated (or sealed), take your Tax Free documents and go to Global Exchange offices to ask for your reimbursement.


You can only get your tax refund (Tax Free Refund) if documents have been previously validated in either the DIVA machines or the customs service.

Global Exchange is a currency exchange company who additionally offers this tax refund service. For that reason, we act as an intermediary for companies with which we collaborate.

Companies Global Exchange is currently collaborating with are:

  • Global Blue
  • Planet
  • Innova
  • Travel Tax Free
  • Tax Refund

Global Exchange can only provide the tax refund in cash .

Once the documents are validated (in either the DIVA machines or the customs service), the user has up to four years to ask for the reimbursement.


For exact schedule and location of Global Exchange offices where tax refund in cash is available, please visit Branches in country

For specific Tax Free Refund situations, please contact the Tax Free companies for personalized advice:

Questions about tax refund?

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  • and Weekends from 10:00 to 18:00.
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